You name it, we can resurface it!

Benchtops Resurfacing

Bench Top Resurfacing, Repair Wooden Benches, Renovate & Repair Cook-Tops

Bench top resurfacing can give an immediate and dramatic transformation to your kitchen!

Areas damaged by chips and burn marks are repaired. Any holes, for example old tap holes or gaps left when you replace your cook-top, are filled and repaired. 

This process is usually completed in 1 to 2 days and is fully guaranteed.

Our Proven Solution

Bench Top Resurfacing

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Our process gives you instant improvements to your existing surfaces, and the finished results are guaranteed. 

Colour Selection

We have a large selection of multi-fleck colours to choose from to suit your decor. This is spray-applied leaving the entire bench top encapsulated and looking like new. Final protective clear coats are applied, which give your bench top durability, with heat and UV resistant properties. Alternatively, we can apply any plain colour of your choice, in an “eggshell” texture finish.

Resurfacing of natural wooden bench tops with protective clear coats is also proving very popular. Once the resurfacing is complete we provide a Care and Maintenance sheet, which advises on how you look after and get the most out of your new surface.