What paint products do you use?

We use hardened urethanes (2 pack) - the most advanced paint products on the market. 

What are the differences between Lacquer, Enamel and Urethane finishes?

Lacquer paints are the oldest, then came Enamels in the 60's and 70's, and finally Polyurethanes, (or just "urethanes") in the 90's. Each system is based on certain base resins and represents an advancement in paint technology over the previous type of paint. Urethanes are the most recent edition to the paint line and considered a better quality product than previous paints. They're more durable and longer lasting while at the same time very easy to apply.

Will it chip?

Our coatings are designed for their intended use. However, just like a brand new surface, a refinished surface can be chipped or cracked if it is abused.

How long will the resurfacing last?

A bathroom or kitchen area that has been resurfaced should last 10 to 15 years or longer with proper care and maintenance. We provide care and maintenance sheets, outlining the simple care to achieve this.

How long will the work take?

A bathtub or bench-top can be completed in 4-5 hours. An entire bathroom will normally take a day and a complete kitchen will generally take 5 days.

How long before I can use my refinished surface?

The refinished surface is normally ready for use again in just 24 hours.

Are there any odours from the process?

Yes, but we minimise by using an exhaust fan to quickly dissipate the odours. The smell "gases off" quickly, and there are no long lingering paint fumes, as is the case with enamel based paints.

Is it messy?

We put in alot of time and effort to thoroughly mask and cover all items not being resurfaced, to prevent overspray. After curing, the coatings are completely non-toxic.

What are your guarantees?

Bathtubs, wall tiles and fibreglass fixtures are guaranteed for a period of five years against peeling or other failure of the coating. Sinks, benchtops, cabinets, floors, chip repairs and all other surfaces are guaranteed for a period of three years against peeling or other failure of adhesions.

Our Resurfacing System

Client Testimonials

"I was impressed with the workmanship... I could not have been more delighted with the end results. It was far better than I expected"
 - Hazel Amoore, Hamilton

"Thanks again for a great job."
  - Bernie & Margaret, Hamilton

"Thanks for a wonderful job!"
 - Jill, Hamilton

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